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Rock wool blanket

Rock Wool Blanket

size Density: 50~100kg/m3.

Length: 2.5~10 m.

Inner Diameter: 600/1000/1200mm.

Thickness: 30~100mm.


Rock Wool Blanket:

Rock wool blanket is a mineral-wool-type insulation that resists temperatures up to 1,093°C, thus offering superior fire protection in a wide variety of fire-rated applications.

Highest fire rating; Water repellent, asbestos free; Non-combustible, non-corrosive; Excellent thermal resistance; High sound absorption material; Easy handling and installation.


Rock Wool Blanket Packing:

PE bag in side and PP bag outside.

We can make OEM packages for you.


Applications of  Rock Wool Blanket:

Rockwool blanket has excellent performance of insulation and fireproofing, mainly be used in:

Power equipment; Industrial furnace; Oven, heat treatment equipment; Petrochemical equipment




Item Index
Bulk density ( kg/M3 ) 60-200
Thermal Conductivity (W/m.k) ≤0.044
Fibre Diameter (um ) ≤7
Slag Ball Content ( % ) (Dia 0.25mm) 12
Working Temperature ( ) 650
Acidity Coefficient ( SiO2+Al2O3/CaO+MgO) 1.5
Tolerance for Bulk Density ±10%
Resin Content 3%



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