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Glass wool pipe

Glass Wool Insulation Pipes:

Glass Wool Insulation Pipe produced with our glass wool by formation through curing by applying pressure and heat after applying thermosetting cement. Glass Wool Insulation Pipe is widely used for insulation of hot, cold, concealed and exposed piping operating (the highest temperature is 400°C), and in commercial buildings, residential, industrial thermal and acoustic insulation needs, industrial facilities and process, petroleum, chemical industries or power plants, which offers the most cost effective choice of insulating mechanical systems, in compliance with the top international standards (EN, DIN, ASTM).

 Advantages of Glass Wool Insulation Pipes:

Sound absorption and noise reduction; it can effectively prevent syntony.

Light materials; easy for installation.

Antisepsis, ageing resistance, anticorrosion, ensure a healthy environment.

Low moisture absorption; stable physical properties.

Low thermal conductivity: high heat preservation.

Grade A1 fireproof: incombustible permanently.

Strong resistance for extrusion and impact.

Applications of Glass Wool Insulation Pipes:

Thermal insulation of steel and copper pipes used in HVAC and similar applications.

Technical Tata SheetGlass woolGlass woolGlass wool

Heat Insulation Glass Wool   Glass Wool Pipe  Glass Wool Pipe  Glass Wool Pipe

Item Unit Index Measured value Remarks
bulk density kg/m3 24-100 24-100 GB/T 13350-2000
average diameter of fibers m < 8.0 4.0-6.0 GB/T 13350-2000
moisture resistivity % > 98 > 98.5 JISA9512-2000
thermal conductivity W/m.k 0.049-0.042 0.045-0.032 GB/T 13350-2000
incombustibility incombustible up to standard (Grade A) GB/T 13350-2000
sound absorption coefficient 1.03product reverberation positioning 24kg/m3 2000HZ GB/J47-83
Max. working temperature 400 410 GB/T 13350-2000


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